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When using us as your acquirer you can receive your settlement and settlement notification in different ways. See more explanation below and find links to our different portals giving you the online overview and insights about settlement, transaction data etc.

Get overview and insight with MyNets

MyNets is your online tool to get access to settlement and transaction data. Download a report or just access to find specific transactions or to follow the development in your card turnover.

Please see here for more info on MyNets 

Receive your settlement report automatically

Either you can find and download your settlement report in MyNets or you can choose to receive your notifications as follows

  • Electronically as a PDF 
  • Electronically as a CSV or SDV file  
  • CSV or XML file via an SFTP server

PDF file on e-mail

If you receive your PDF settlement notification by e-mail, you will receive one e-mail per merchant. If you have several merchant numbers, you can choose to receive a combined file containing notifications for all merchants.

CSV and SDV-files

You can receive CSV files as (comma (,) separated and/or semicolon (;) separated (SDV format). The files are designed to be machine-read automatically into your financial system. You may need to get a technician to code the file for reading. If you code on the record and field names, you will not need to change them in the event of any format changes. You can also convert CSV and SDV files to Excel.

The CSV and SDV files are based on record types; please read the content of the record descriptions for each record type. Consult the record layout to see which fields you need in order to reconcile.

More detailed explanation and examples of CSV and SDV files

SFTP solution

Using this solution, you can download the CSV or XML files into your financial system via SFTP server. The solution can save your company for a lot of administration. 

Read more about the solution and advantages here


Settlement options

Your card revenue will be settled to the merchant account. Your settlement notification shows details of card revenue, fees and the amount to be settled and a settlement date.

Description of standard settlement for Mastercard, Visa, JCB and UnionPay - Danish merchants

When you apply for an acquiring agreement you will be set up with weekly collection of card revenue and weekly notification

  • You receive card revenue and settlement notification once a week.
  • Your merchant's card revenue is collected from Tuesday one week to Monday the next week.
  • Monday Nets sends the settlement notification.
  • We transfer the card revenue to your merchant account Wednesday
  • The card revenue will be accessible on your account after two banking days
  • Changes occur with banking holidays

Standard settlement for American Express - Danish merchants

Weekly settlement

  • Collection of card revenue from Saturday to Friday
  • Card revenue will be accessible on your bank account on Wednesday or Thursday the following week
  • Settlement notification is sent on Sunday prior to settlement 
  • Non banking days do not affect your settlement

Monthly settlement

  • Collection of card revenue once a month 
  • Settlement notification is sent on the 28th of the month after the transactions
  • Card revenue will be transferred to your account one month after the collection is made
  • Non banking days do not affect your settlement

Deadline for submitting transactions 

All transactions must be submitted to Nets no later than three calendar days after the transaction date or a percentage will be deducted from the card revenue. In connection with e-commerce and mail- and telephone orders, however, the transaction date is the specific date that the goods/ services are send to the customer. 


Settlement overview and insight

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