Card data stored across webshops

Now we make online payments really fast and easy - and you don't have to do anything to make it happen

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One Click Payments

When you have registered customers logging into your webshops they can save their card data and pay with only one click.

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Solution based on risk evaluations. Reduce risk of fraud and make it as easy for your customers as possible.

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Mail- and Telephone order

Accept payments via Mail- and Telephone order by using your webshop payment module. You need a separate acquiring agreement.

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Make your webshop more avaliable and attractive for foreign customers by offering them to pay in their own currency

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Recurring Payments

With our Recurring Payments solution your customers can easily pay for goods or services send to them on a recular basis without doing anything but signing up at first visit.

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Overview of all your transactions

See all transactions accepted through Nets' payment terminals or Netaxept - data from all card types.

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See your settlement data online

Get online access to your settlement data and look up transactions - get an overview or see details.

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In-app payments

Sometimes an app works better than a mobile webshop - sometimes it's good to have both. Read more about our In-app payments solution.

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Prepaid and gift cards

We offer a total solution for prepaid / gift cards to be used both in-store and online.

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The end of lost receipts

With Storebox we offer an easy and standardised set-up for providing e-receipts for all purchases across channels. 

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Link Payment

Your customers can pay online even if you don’t have a webshop. Easy and secure payments via a link - ideal for guarantees.

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