How to accept payments offline

When your terminal has no access to the internet or there is an issue with the connection to Nets you can use the offline functionality on the terminal. Some debit cards can only be used for online transactions.

Use the offline functionality

Using emergency procedure means using the offline functionality on the terminal. You can find an instruction for how to do offline transactions in the terminal user guide. Your terminal can have a limitation of amount accepted for offline transactions.

Find user guides to Nets terminals in the webshop

Always ask for an autorisation before offline transactions

You need to call Nets to obtain an autorisation code which must be entered on the terminal for each transaction. If the card is blocked or funds are not available, an autorisation code will not be received and the transaction should not be completed. The merchant is liable for all fraud related to transactions completed without an autorisation code.

Autorisation Danish merchants  (+45) 44 89 21 80

Autorisation Norwegian merchants  - Visa & Mastercard (+47) 820 31 330

Autorisation Norwegian merchants - American Express (+47) 800 33 244

Autorisation Swedish merchants (+46) 771 22 00 55

Check card and cardholder before offline transactions

When accepting card transactions offline you must check the customer' ID and make sure the information on the ID matches the information on the card and that the photo on the ID matches the customer. You must also match the signature on the reciept with the signature on the card.

You cannot accept Visa Electron or Maestro offline

When accepting Visa Electron and Maestro an online to issuer autorisation is mandatory. Therefore Maestro and Visa Electron cannot be used for offline transactions. The same limitations can occur on other debit cards.